Grilled lamb chops with mint walnut pesto

Oh how the last few weeks have flown by! I’m finally finding the time to get back in the kitchen after my whirlwind experience at the catering company, but having house guests means not necessarily taking the time to snap photos of what I made. We ate simple food, and I hope my words will whet your appetite just as much as a photo would have! Continue reading


Grilled sirloin with minted chimichurri


It’s been so long! My job at the catering company has been keeping me busy and wearing me out, so much so that I couldn’t find the time to write about this amazing chimichurri sauce last week. I think this is probably one of the only things, aside from my yogurt cake, that I’ve actually made at home since I started working. I’m so ready to get back in the kitchen, and am planning on making coconut milk and caramel ice cream this afternoon to celebrate the late arrival of summer. Yesterday was the last day of June, and as I sat down in my back yard to unwind in the sun, I dreamt of all the ice cream I was going to eat now that temperatures are finally feeling estival. You know what else is great for summer? A simply grilled steak and this amazing sauce. Continue reading

Creamy carbonara


One of the first things that I learned to cook upon arriving in France was something not whatsoever French: carbonara. I also learned how to make the Italian dish from a Colombian girl, so you can imagine that it was not necessarily the most traditional interpretation. Nonetheless, carbonara is great for so many reasons: I almost always have everything I need to make it on hand, it’s delicious, and it doesn’t cost much to make. Continue reading

Creamy turnip, leek and sweet potato soup

This soup was awesome, and I honestly didn’t expect it to be. It was once of those cold winter days when I asked myself what I should make for lunch, and realized that I had some turnips, leeks and sweet potatoes that weren’t going to last much longer. Making soup was the easiest solution, and so I set myself to it. The result was something incredibly fragrant despite the lack of flavor boosts like bacon, herbs or even many spices. This soup is simple, but it doesn’t taste like it. Continue reading

Beautiful purple roasted garlic mashed potatoes


Do you know what my favorite thing about cooking is? The amazing variety of produce. I love that carrots, cauliflower and potatoes all come in surprising and vibrant shades of purple that add a perfect touch of color to whatever we’re making. While the taste doesn’t change much, that burst of saturated color can transform any dish from  average to amazing. While I think my mashed potatoes are winners any day, the addition of Vitelotte purple potatoes made this side shine even more than usual. Continue reading

Sweet and spicy nectarine and tomato gazpacho with chorizo chips


What summer table is complete without gazpacho? It’s probably one of the easiest things I know how to make and the best part is, you don’t even really need a recipe. It’s all about using what’s fresh, and what you like. I like mine smooth with lots of onion and lots of spice. I love adding a dollop of crème fraiche or even cream cheese to lighten things up a bit. But the best possible addition? Crispy, crunchy slices of chorizo. Continue reading

Grilled shrimp pasta salad with mâche, heirloom tomatoes, coconut milk lemon and orzo


The only thing better than salad is pasta salad. And the only thing better than pasta salad is healthy pasta salad. There are several ways to make this happen. First, just because it’s a pasta salad doesn’t mean that pasta has to be the most abundant part of the recipe. Try mixing some salad greens into your pasta salad. They’ll add flavor and texture and will help to fill you up without eating so many carbs. Mâche and arugula both work great here. Second, skip the mayonnaise. Or, at least cut down on it, like I did here. I like to use a traditional red wine vinaigrette with my pasta salads, mixing in just a spoonful of mayonnaise that helps me achieve that classic, creamy texture. Finally, add tons of fresh veggies to your salad, that’s what will make it delicious! Continue reading