Culinary school

I was lucky enough to be able to complete three months of culinary school recently. I learned so much about the basics: how to make a delicious, thick, beautiful sauce, different cooking methods, knife skills, pastry techniques… And I blogged about it each and every week. I tried to be as detailed as possible about each specific recipe or technique, and have even published a few separate post about culinary basics. You’ll find the list of all of these posts below!

Week One: apple tarts, salmon filets and steaks, hollandaise sauce
Week Two: Quiche lorraine, veal blanquette, rice pilaf, whole roast chickens, puff pastry dough, filleting plaice, fish stock, mussels marinière, pastry cream, diéppoise sauce, Pithiviers (King’s cake)
Week Three: Potage St. Germain, poached, stuffed chicken breasts, pork chops, twice-baked potatoes, Bercy sauce, Pommes Pont Neuf, cream puffs, Chantilly, sautéed spinach
Week Four: 1st internship
Week Five: Chicken stock, gutting fish, beurre blanc, Suprême sauce, potage cultivateur, curried mussel soup, caramel-coated salambo pastries, rhubarb tarts
Week Six: Apple fritters, braised fennel, apricot almond tarts, cauliflower soup, mango entremets
Week Seven: Lunch service, bavarois, lamb ragout, pommes sautées, scrambled eggs with herbs, sautéed steaks, leek quiche, crème anglaise, celery root purée
Week Eight: 2nd internship
Week Nine: Veal steaks, génoise cake, duck thighs in orange sauce, pommes duchesse, tomato sauce, stuffed boiled eggs, poached pears, viennoise chicken cutlets, orange mousseline
Week Ten
Week Eleven: Macarons, tartar sauce, wine-braised rabbit, Black Forest cake, chocolate mousse, fish sticks, straw potatoes, stuffed and roasted tomatoes, lamb chops,
Week Twelve: 3rd internship

Culinary school 101: Rice pilaf
Culinary school 101: Making a sauce
Culinary school 101: Pie crust
Culinary school 101: scrambled eggs
Culinary school 101: Crêpes (sweet and salty)


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