Chicken coconut milk curry with turmeric cardamom rice


I’m in a serious rut. I’m trying my best to get out of it, and I’m hoping that since winter is looming and inevitably it will be time to switch from fruit salads and grilled meats to stews, soups and ragouts, I’ll finally be able to. This recipe has been my go-to for the last few weeks. It’s easy and I like it and most of all Jérôme can’t get enough of it. He requests it nearly every time we’ve got chicken to cook, and for now I’m not complaining. I’ve made several variations (with or without bell peppers, flakes of coconut, etc.) and they’re always great, a nice, fairly quick weeknight dinner. Continue reading


Caramel coconut milk ice cream


First ice cream of the year!! In fact, this can barely be considered ice cream. It’s made with coconut milk that is cooked down with brown sugar into an intensely fragrant caramel, a tiny bit of milk (that you could easily omit if you’re looking for something dairy-free) and egg yolks. It’s genius, and I’m so glad I came across this recipe on the Big Girls Small Kitchen blog. The texture is divine and the taste is rich- so much so that only a few spoonfuls should suffice for even the biggest sweet tooth. Of course you’ve got to love coconut, but the flavor of the coconut milk morphed into something completely new, a sort of caramel/coconut hybrid. I highly recommend you try this. Continue reading

Chocolate coconut milk cake


Poor Jérôme is always being subjected to my endless food experimentations. I obviously do have dishes that I make time and time again, when I don’t feel like thinking too much or over-exerting myself in the kitchen. That being said, there is so much out there to discover and I have so many recipes ready to be tested in my Evernote, that I have a hard time making the same things all the time. In the beginning of our relationship, I couldn’t get over his French chocolate cake. More of a brownie, it was rich and simple and amazing. I still love it, but when he wanted to make one a few weeks ago with out one remaining bar of baking chocolate, I couldn’t help but scan my recipe list to make sure there wasn’t something better, newer, more interesting. I found this chocolate coconut milk cake, and once Jérôme was on board, I was in the kitchen making it. Continue reading

Coconut vanilla bean cupcakes with coconut buttercream


I love me some coconut. I love adding some into a chocolate cake, or using coconut milk in savory dishes or to make salad dressings. There’s just something so refreshing and bright about it. This was my first 100% coconut dessert and I’d been excited about trying it for weeks. Thanksgiving seemed like as good a time as any to bake my very first batch of cupcakes since it wouldn’t just be the two of us (well, OK, pretty much just ME) eating them all for days on end. I LOVED these cupcakes. They were perfectly coconut-scented without being overly sweet (the buttercream was very sweet, but I added a touch of lemon juice to calm it down a bit). Reduced coconut milk in the cake batter and the frosting added just enough flavor while the toasted coconut flakes stuck on the finished product were nutty and delicious. Continue reading

Roasted carrot and parsnip soup with coconut milk and parsley coulis


Who doesn’t love a good, warm, nourishing bowl of soup in the early winter months? It’s funny how suddenly my plans in the kitchen change from salads and marinated meats to soups and stews, all in a matter of days. You can just feel the change coming: the air gets cool and crisp, your body is in need of sustenance rather than just eating mostly for pleasure and you know that it’s time to break out your dutch oven and get cooking! Continue reading

Grilled shrimp pasta salad with mâche, heirloom tomatoes, coconut milk lemon and orzo


The only thing better than salad is pasta salad. And the only thing better than pasta salad is healthy pasta salad. There are several ways to make this happen. First, just because it’s a pasta salad doesn’t mean that pasta has to be the most abundant part of the recipe. Try mixing some salad greens into your pasta salad. They’ll add flavor and texture and will help to fill you up without eating so many carbs. Mâche and arugula both work great here. Second, skip the mayonnaise. Or, at least cut down on it, like I did here. I like to use a traditional red wine vinaigrette with my pasta salads, mixing in just a spoonful of mayonnaise that helps me achieve that classic, creamy texture. Finally, add tons of fresh veggies to your salad, that’s what will make it delicious! Continue reading

Dulce de platanos


I bought some plantains at the supermarket weeks ago for no good reason other than I had never seen plantains at the supermarket before. I had no idea what to do with them, but imagined it would be something salty. Chips? Fried plantains? Purée? Turns out Jé had other plans, and was hoping for something sweet. “It’s not a banana,” I told him. After a quick search through Epicurious, however, I found the perfect recipe. It was hidden amongst traditionally savory dishes, but I found it, and was very glad that I did. The only downside? The plantains, which were bright green, needed to be incredibly ripe, nearing black in color. And so, we waited. And waited. And waited. Until one day, like five weeks later, I finally made my first dulce de plantains. Continue reading