Crispy duck confit with pickled raisins


I was ecstatic to find this recipe in a recent issue of Bon Appétit. Confit de canard is one of my all-time favorite French recipes, but one that seemed too complicated, expensive and time-consuming to try and make at home. For years now I’ve been perfectly happy buying my duck confit in big, round cans, but I knew that it could clearly be so much better. A good duck confit is tender and falling off the bone, with a crisp, perfect, browned skin. Obviously the canned alternative can’t get the skin right, offering rather a very unappetizing, fat-soaked white mass of skin that is immediately discarded before serving. This recipe, which is genius because it doesn’t require you to buy additional duck fat, gets the skin so right that it was basically my favorite part of the meal. Continue reading


Beautiful purple roasted garlic mashed potatoes


Do you know what my favorite thing about cooking is? The amazing variety of produce. I love that carrots, cauliflower and potatoes all come in surprising and vibrant shades of purple that add a perfect touch of color to whatever we’re making. While the taste doesn’t change much, that burst of saturated color can transform any dish from  average to amazing. While I think my mashed potatoes are winners any day, the addition of Vitelotte purple potatoes made this side shine even more than usual. Continue reading