Fresh pasta and classic beef bourguignon


Beef bourguignon, a classic French beef and red wine stew, is easily my all-time favorite winter comfort food. The absolute best part is that while the recipe does require a bit of work and time, it gets better with age and you’ll have enough stew to feed two people at least 3-4 times. Another plus? Your house will smell absolutely amazing on the day that you make this dish and it will warm you up on a cold winter day. Continue reading


Baked eggs with spicy tomato, red pepper and ground beef sauce


Eggs. Ground beef. Two staples in my kitchen. I buy eggs by cartons of 30 and usually have no problem finishing them over the course of their two-week shelf life. Fried, scrambled, hard-boiled, in quiches, cakes, cookies… I am a huge fan of American breakfast, and have no problem whatsoever eating eggs for dinner. Jérôme, however, does not feel the same way. In a pinch, I can convince him to eat eggs and bacon as an afternoon or nightly meal, but usually only if there’s nothing heartier left in the fridge.

A few months ago I ate at a Kurd restaurant in Paris with my colleagues. There, I was served a spicy and fragrant ragout of sorts that appeared to be some combination of ground beef or lamb and spices, and topped with a just-cooked egg. It was clearly baked and was definitely delicious, so I decided to try to recreate the dish at home. Continue reading

Spicy beef empanadas

Not one to be satisfied with just one long and rather complicated food project for my Sunday afternoon, I tried my hand at Peruvian empanadas for the first time in addition to my winning cream puffs.

I first discovered the South American version of a pot pie in New York a few years ago. I was far away from my family, but lucky enough to have a close and amazing group of friends who decided that in the absence of actual relatives, we should throw our own family Christmas party, between friends. We all arrived at the spot and began drinking and celebrating when we realized that someone was missing. Continue reading


If you could smell what I smell, you’d be really excited. It is fall. I spent the day in the sun, working on my yard and my house, walking around town and looking for warmth. It dropped down to 35 degrees last night, and we still haven’t turned on the heat. We needed to find it elsewhere, and so we started cutting… Carrots freshly picked from our garden (they are really short and funny looking, but very tasty), champignons de Paris*, garlic, onions, beef roast, bacon… Well, everything we needed to make the year’s first boeuf bourguignon*.

Continue reading