Sticky honey chicken with ginger and sesame seeds


I’m so glad that I finally got around to making this recipe again and that it’s finally up on the blog! This is one of the first things I learned to make on my own, back when Jé and I had just gotten together. I remember trying so hard to impress him (even though he’s really not much of a foodie), making stuffed bell peppers (another recipe that I don’t think is even on here!), pumpkin pie from scratch and then, this chicken. It felt like such a triumph. It was incredibly easy, actually, but something about it seemed complicated. Almost fancy even. It was pure instant gratification, and I made it on a regular basis for a long time, until one day, it just fell out of my rotation. And I haven’t made it since. And then the other day I randomly thought about it, and remembered how it was just as good as any take-out I ever ate in America and a million times better than what I can find in France, and just like that, sticky honey chicken was back!
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Banana pancakes with caramel sauce


Usually, when you have over-ripe bananas, you make banana bread. I am part of the rare group of people who doesn’t like banana bread. I know! But I just… don’t. So when I found myself with three bananas that were way too ripe to just eat, I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. I’d been craving pancakes lately (my new favorite thing is forcing Jé to eat dessert for dinner, which usually involves pancakes) so I decided to give banana pancakes a try, for dinner no less! Continue reading

Caramel chicken with onions and garlic


I wasn’t sure how excited I was about the end of summer. Transitions from dresses and sandals to tights and boots, from fresh salads to soups, from endless days to waking up in the dark and coming home to the dark. Then I went grocery shopping and picked up the season’s first Brussel’s sprouts and sunchokes. Then I got the latest Bon Appétit and bookmarked about five fall recipes that I knew I had to try. And this caramel chicken was the first on my list! Continue reading

Culinary school 101: crêpes, two ways


Ahh, the crêpe! The French answer to the American pancake, crêpes are thinner, eggier and, in my opinion, more versatile. I guess I’ve never tried a savory pancake and there are probably tons of awesome recipes out there, but for me, nothing beats a thin and crispy buckwheat crêpe filled with whatever savory ingredients my heart desires. Usually it’s ham, egg and cheese. Sometimes it’s bacon and caramelized onions, or even egg, olive and spicy guacamole. A crêpe is the perfect envelope for whatever you’re craving, and I’m going to tell you how make them according to my newest culinary bible, “La Cuisine de Référence,” otherwise known as the official guidebook for French culinary students. Continue reading

Plum pinwheel cupcakes


A few weeks ago I came across some lovely plums at the market. Yellow and dark red, I knew I had to transform them into some sort of sweet and tart dessert that I could eat for breakfast if I wanted. I’d already made an amazing earthy-sweet hazelnut and plum cake, so I decided to go a slightly different route with this recipe. A lemony cupcake, almost more of a muffin, really, with fresh plum slices and a dousing of cinnamon and dark cane sugar. Continue reading

Roast chicken thighs in smoky paprika sauce


Getting Jé to eat any other part of a chicken but the breast is always a difficult task. A couple of weeks ago (just after my second week of school, actually) I was grocery shopping alone and saw some very cheap chicken thighs at the store. Even though I knew I’d get a less than enthusiastic response from him about my purchase, I carried on and knew exactly what I wanted to make. My Mom had emailed me a recipe for braised chicken thighs in a creamy paprika sauce a few days before and it caught my eye. That week in school, we’d learned how to do the “poulet cocotte grand-mère,” which was an exercise in making home-made stock from the natural juices and transforming into an out of this world sauce base. So, I took the general idea of the recipe and melded it with what I’d learned days before and this dish was born. Continue reading

Chicken, pancetta and honeydew salad


Summer is definitely over, but that shouldn’t stop us from reminiscing about the quintessential dishes that we’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks, and all of the season’s star produce. One of my favorite things about summer is the melon. Canteloup, honeydew, Brazilian, yellow, orange and green, always sweet and refreshing. Sometime in August I bought a beautiful little honeydew and also found myself at home alone that week. I decided on a fresh little salad that combines chicken (in this case, leftover ginger and spice fried chicken strips, but grilled chicken with a little garlic would be perfect as well), salty pancetta and juicy, ripe honeydew. I paired it with a light lemony dressing that I’ll think you’ll love.

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