Sweet or savory, what’s your poison? I’m a true gourmande, meaning I can’t resist either and just enjoy eating in general. I hope you find something you can’t resist!

Banana pancakes with caramel sauce
Rhubarb curd cheesecake with hazelnut crust
Toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies
Deep dish chocolate chip cookie (for 1)
Marinated cantaloupe salad
Caramel coconut milk ice cream
— Classic yogurt cake
Cinnamon chocolate macarons
Rhubarb curd tartelettes
Mini dark chocolate moelleux (lava cakes)
— Hazelnut lemon-lime coconut bars
— Blood orange sorbet
— Classic French crêpes
— Plum pinwheel cupcakes
— Chocolate coconut milk cake
Pear and hazelnut tart
— Thick coconut hot chocolate
— Coconut vanilla bean cupcakes with coconut buttercream
— Crispy, chewy oat bran and dark chocolate sandwich cookies
Brownie whoopies with salted caramel buttercream
— Fluffy buttermilk and coconut pancakes with raspberry-ginger compote
— Lemon sugar cookies with vanilla bean and sea salt
— Peanut butter, dark chocolate and walnut fudge
— Plum and hazelnut cake
— Double chocolate macarons
— Pear and apple crisp with vanilla bean-infused brown butter and cardamom cream
Crème fraîche and vanilla bean ice cream
Dark chocolate and mint ice cream
Brown sugar ice cream with a bitter caramel swirl
— Nectarine and lime curd tart with brown sugar crust
Nutella, rum & hazelnut cake with boozy ganache & cream cheese frosting
Strawberry, tangerine, basil and ginger syrup smoothie
Red wine chocolate cake with whipped marscapone
Virtually fat-free lemon-lime curd
Olive oil, almond and blood orange cake with brown butter glaze
Banana, ginger and peanut butter smoothie
Crispy, nutty granola
Raspberry and white chocolate bars with vanilla bean
Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chunks
Oatmeal brown butter chocolate chip cookies
Dulce de platanos (sweet caramelized plantains)
Chocolate and dark beer stout cake with pear cider-infused cream cheese frosting
Peanut butter and oatmeal sandwich cookies
Lemon, olive oil, thyme and black pepper sugar cookies
Cinnamon, cranberry and vanilla bean blondies
Fresh, fizzy ginger ale
Lemon, brown butter, cardamom and poppy-seed cake with lemon curd
Brown butter and fleur de sel chocolate chip cookies
Persimmon coffee cake
Spiked hot apple punch
Rich chocolate brownies with mint white chocolate and dark chocolate ganaches
Cinnamon, vanilla bean and hazelnut shortbread
Chocolate chunk cookies with pomegranate seeds
Cranberry and fig chutney
Spicy hot cocoa cookies
Lemon cream-filled cream puffs
Caramel sauce au beurre salé
Cherry sauce with fresh mint and cinnamon
Sticky honey chicken with ginger and sesame seeds
Baked camembert
Buttery, cheesy drop biscuits
Spicy soba salad with cabbage and edamame
Fennel, bell pepper and orange salad with grilled ribeye
Pork loin schnitzel with mushroom sauce
Quick tuna melts with fennel
Bolognese sauce
Brussel’s and bacon quiche
Poulet vallée d’Auge (roasted chicken with apples)
Simple parmesan roasted cauliflower
Hazelnut honey mustard vinaigrette
Thai chicken salad with sesame vinaigrette
Sautéed ricotta gnocchi
Crispy duck confit with spicy raisins
Caramel chicken
— Classic Gougères (cheese puffs)
— Chicken coconut milk curry
Cardamom turmeric rice
— Grilled lamb chops with mint walnut pesto
— Grilled sirloin with minted chimichurri
— Brown butter cream sauce
— Grilled honey mustard pork tenderloin, green bean salad
— Creamy carbonara
— Buckwheat crêpes
— Scrambled eggs
— Braised fennel with cream and bacon
— Potatoes fried in duck fat
— Coca-cola marinated tenderloin with braised red cabbage
— Arugula and cashew nut pesto
Anise-broiled lobster tails
Lemony fried risotto
Nutmeg and pepper popovers
Salmon tartar potato salad with sriracha and dill
Creamy cauliflower, cumin and lardon soup
— Roast chicken thighs in smoky paprika sauce
— Rice pilaf
— Impossibly creamy pumpkin risotto
— Creamy turnip, leek and sweet potato soup
— Hazelnut crusted trout with lemon brown butter and spicy kumquats
— Pommes Anna with fresh herbs
— Celery root purée with hazelnuts
— Roasted chicken with root vegetables and beer pan juices
Creamy potato, leek and lardon soup with fried almonds
 Silky mashed sunchokes
— Classic beef bourguignon with fresh pasta
Rice noodle bowls with cashew ginger sauce and poached chicken
Bruschetta pasta
Roasted carrot and parsnip soup with coconut milk and parsley coulis
Herbed spaetzle
— Pancetta-wrapped pork tenderloin with plum chutney
Purple roasted garlic mashed potatoes
 Herb-roasted salmon with cherries and cherry tomatoes
— Chicken schnitzel
— Shrimp, orzo and mozzarella bake
— Asian-style noodles with chicken, peanuts and cilantro
— Tomato, shallot and bell pepper gratin
Chicken, pancetta and honeydew salad
Steak, pesto and mozzarella grilled cheese
My favorite green beans
Watermelon gazpacho with basil mint syrup
Caramelized onion and tomato tart with balsamic reduction
Spicy tomato & nectarine gazpacho with chorizo chips
Ribbon carrot salad with mint and spicy lime-cumin vinaigrette
Panzanella (Italian bread salad)
Perfect pan-seared salmon (unilateral cooking method)
Tilapia burgers with avocado and cherry tomatoes
Grilled chicken and BBQ tips
My favorite potato salad
Cherry BBQ sauce and bacon cheeseburgers
Grilled shrimp pasta salad with heirloom tomatoes, orzo, mâche and coconut milk
Citrusy chick pea salad with bell peppers
Herb-marinated chicken shawarma kebabs
Goat cheese salad with honey, raisins, potatoes and grilled bacon bits
Awesome aioli and an eggy grilled cheese
Quick chicken satay
Crustless quiche with fresh salmon and Romanesco broccoli
Easy vinaigrette
Meatloaf molé
Spicy baked eggs with tomato, red pepper and ground beef sauce
Veal and ginger meatballs with yogurt sauce
No-knead pizza dough and inspiration
Creamy vegetable potage
Goat cheese salad with warm bacon and blood orange vinaigrette and blood range marmalade
Egg drop soup with chicken and ginger
Beer-braised Mexican pork tacos with pickled onions and beets, guacamole and salsa
Ginger and spice fried chicken strips
Hand cut, twice fried French fries
Quick coleslaw with poppy seeds
Spicy sloppy joes
Couscous with chicken, cinnamon, nuts and dried fruit
Pear tart with potatoes, caramelized pears, onions and rosemary
Spicy crab cakes with tomato ginger jam
Roasted turkey with vanilla bean, honey and lemon zest
Brie grilled cheese with thyme, vanilla bean sea salt and almonds
Indian chicken korma with cheese naan flatbread
Potato and celery root gratin
Roasted Brussel sprouts with garlic, almonds and walnuts
Sweet and spicy pork loin with pomegranate red wine reduction
Pistachio falafel and flatbread
French onion soup with croutons and comté
Spicy beef empanadas
Asian-inspired coconut chicken soup
Chicken sautéed with garlic and bacon
Comté and Gruyère soufflé
Cream of cauliflower and cumin soup
Green bean casserole
Boeuf Bourguignon
Honey-glazed salmon with ginger and sweet potato purée
Rosemary, verbena and garlic roasted chicken
Moroccan beef meatballs
Tandoori chicken kebabs
My favorite filet mignon
Glazed and sautéed multi-colored carrots
Aligot (French cheese-infused mashed potatoes)
Chicken Tagine with Fennel and Olives

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