Simple parmesan-roasted cauliflower


So, I guess one of my “unofficial” New Year’s resolutions is to eat more fruits and vegetables. I’m usually OK as far as veggies go, but I have a hard time forcing myself to eat fruit when I buy it. So, I bought myself a brand new blender, and I’ve decided to stop eating toast in the mornings, and start drinking smoothies. So far banana and peanut butter is my favorite, with pear, coconut and cashew coming in a close second. For the vegetables, I always have a fridge full of them, but some nights when I get home from work at 7:30, I just can’t bring myself to actually chop/cook/eat them, and prefer making a quick pasta dish instead. So my new plan is to spend my Sunday afternoon prepping my vegetables so they’re ready to go for the week, no excuses! Continue reading


Creamy cauliflower, cumin and lardon soup


Yes, I know. ANOTHER soup! But it’s the season, and soups are one of my favorite (and economically advantageous) ways to warm up and enjoy something home-cooked in the winter months. It was especially cold here in France over the last couple of weeks when the weather brought us our first snow of the year that actually stuck, so soup was definitely on the menu (potato, leek and fried almond, turnip leek and sweet potato, roasted carrot and parsnip with coconut milk, etc., etc.). This is a fabulously basic soup. It’s hearty, filling and satisfying. You can eat it as thick or as thin as you like but I promise it’ll fill you up. I’m not sure what it is about this soup. I never regarded cauliflower as extremely filling but this is one hearty soup. It’s also very simple and something about respecting the cooking times and different steps takes it to another level, and I don’t recommend skimping. Continue reading

Adventures in soufflé, with soup on the side

Jé had been telling me for literally years that he was going to make me a cheese soufflé. It was one of his first promises, along with a strawberry pie (that I still haven’t tasted yet). Yesterday, before we went grocery shopping, the traditional question of “what should we eat this week?” was put on the table. I requested a soufflé.

We went to the store and got everything we needed, along with a nice big head of cauliflower. I’d been wanting to dive into soup season for awhile now, and decided that cauliflower and cumin soup would be the perfect start to the winter. When we got home we were hungry. Something about the cold, about the changing of the seasons, made our light lunch not quite stretch into evening as it usually does. Luckily, we needed to start early, as a soufflé takes a bit of time to prepare. Continue reading