Rhubarb curd tartelettes


I grew up eating rhubarb straight out of my grandparent’s garden. Of course as a kid, the extreme tartness was a bit too much for me, but my Grandma sure knew how to make an amazing strawberry-rhubarb pie that won us all over. Since moving to France, I have a tendency to always choose rhubarb desserts when they’re available. One of my favorites is a perfect little rhubarb tartelette covered in a crumble topping. When my own rhubarb plant starting growing this year, I knew that I needed to find my own signature dessert showcasing all that I love about rhubarb. And honestly, what’s better than a curd? I LOVE curds, their silky texture and tart sweetness. This was a no-brainer. Continue reading


Hazelnut lemon-lime coconut bars


A while back I had a serious craving for lemon bars. It came completely out of left field. Jérôme makes an amazing lemon tart, and that has satisfied our lemony needs for the last few years. But I wanted a bar. Something that reminded me of my childhood but that was different and better at the same time. I had a lime and a few lemons, and knew that I wanted some coconut thrown in as well. This recipe from Bon Appétit was exactly what my taste buds were yearning for, and it turned out to be one of my most favorite desserts ever. Continue reading

Cinnamon, hazelnut and vanilla bean sandies

Wow. This, my friends, is a cookie. Or a sandy, to be more precise. I knew from the ingredient list that they were gonna be awesome. Mind-blowing even. But I had no idea just how perfect they could be. They are buttery, spicy, sugary, salty, and packed with vanilla flavor, all with that grainy, nutty flavor of hazelnuts. They are hard and yet melt-in-your-mouth, not at all dry. They are sweet, but don’t take it overboard. This may just be the perfect cookie.

Continue reading