Grilled sirloin with minted chimichurri


It’s been so long! My job at the catering company has been keeping me busy and wearing me out, so much so that I couldn’t find the time to write about this amazing chimichurri sauce last week. I think this is probably one of the only things, aside from my yogurt cake, that I’ve actually made at home since I started working. I’m so ready to get back in the kitchen, and am planning on making coconut milk and caramel ice cream this afternoon to celebrate the late arrival of summer. Yesterday was the last day of June, and as I sat down in my back yard to unwind in the sun, I dreamt of all the ice cream I was going to eat now that temperatures are finally feeling estival. You know what else is great for summer? A simply grilled steak and this amazing sauce. Continue reading


Asian-style noodles with chicken, peanuts and cilantro


Yes, I’m still obsessed with peanuts. After chicken satay and peanut butter oatmeal sandwich cookies, my most recent use for my favorite “condiment” was an Asian-inspired dish that came together in no time. I don’t have a wok, but if you do, I bet this will be even better. You could obviously sub in whatever fresh veggies you have on hand, but I think shaved carrots and broccoli went especially well with the salty, nutty sauce. If you can’t find Asian fish sauce, you could use soy sauce with no worries. Have fun with this one! Continue reading

Citrusy chick pea salad with peppers


This is part two of this week’s “throw it together post.” Of course it only worked because I just happened to have a bell pepper and one last little bit of fresh ginger and because my cilantro plant is out of control and I can’t even use it fast enough. That is not the point. I think that being comfortable in the kitchen equals not having to plan everything ahead of time. It’s being able to throw something together at the last minute, with little notice, and finding ingredients that you have that go well together. That is what I managed to do last weekend.

On Monday I told you all about my easy herb-marinated chicken shawarma recipe. I was very proud of myself for coming up with this idea at the last minute, and even prouder by the fact that I managed to make a side dish that actually went perfectly with the main. This chick pea salad is awesome for so many reasons: it’s quick and easy, it’s full of interesting flavors, and it’s incredibly cheap! At my local supermarket, a gigantic can of chick peas goes for about 80 cents. 80 cents! And they’re so versatile. Try a quick hummus by pureeing them with olive oil, lemon juice and garlic or try this pistachio baked falafel if you’re feeling adventurous. Continue reading

Herb-marinated chicken shawarma kebabs


Some days, I have very specific kitchen plans, and wake up with a sense of purpose. I organize my time like a champion and manage to make mains and sides with ease, perfectly timed and delicious. Other days, I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be cooking. When the morning draws to an end, I’ll ask Jé: “so, what should we eat?” Then the back and forth begins. Well, we have this. This is going bad soon. We could de-thaw that?

Today, I found myself in category two. We seemed to be experiencing some sort of lazy vacation hangover. After a late night of home improvement and watching movies, we woke up early this morning with no real purpose to our day. It was sunny, which was unexpected, and we both migrated outside with our morning drinks and found a place in the sun. We took a stroll around the yard, analyzed the progress of our plants and listened to the birds sing and watched as our favorite couple made trip after trip into the hedges to feed their newly hatched babies. Continue reading