Grilled ribeye and leftovers: fennel, bell pepper and orange salad with grilled ribeye and sesame seeds


I’m so ready for Spring! It was here, all warm and full of sunshine, and then it went away. Luckily for me, I managed to squeeze in the year’s first BBQ sometime in between rays of sunshine and rainclouds. I made something that clearly doesn’t merit a recipe, because it involved only cutting my bell pepper and zucchini in half, drizzling the veggies and my ribeye with olive oil, adding a generous helping of sea salt and a little bit of piment d’Espelette, and throwing it all on the grill. Easy, peasy, delicious. I was mmm-ing all through the meal, honestly one of the best I’ve had in a while. It hit the spot, and made me crave Spring (and even Summer) that much more. And guess what else makes you wish that winter was finally over? A fabulous, light, crunchy, salty-sweet salad made with leftover grilled ribeye steak!

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Grilled lamb chops with mint walnut pesto

Oh how the last few weeks have flown by! I’m finally finding the time to get back in the kitchen after my whirlwind experience at the catering company, but having house guests means not necessarily taking the time to snap photos of what I made. We ate simple food, and I hope my words will whet your appetite just as much as a photo would have! Continue reading

Grilled sirloin with minted chimichurri


It’s been so long! My job at the catering company has been keeping me busy and wearing me out, so much so that I couldn’t find the time to write about this amazing chimichurri sauce last week. I think this is probably one of the only things, aside from my yogurt cake, that I’ve actually made at home since I started working. I’m so ready to get back in the kitchen, and am planning on making coconut milk and caramel ice cream this afternoon to celebrate the late arrival of summer. Yesterday was the last day of June, and as I sat down in my back yard to unwind in the sun, I dreamt of all the ice cream I was going to eat now that temperatures are finally feeling estival. You know what else is great for summer? A simply grilled steak and this amazing sauce. Continue reading

Grilled honey mustard tenderloin & a simple salad


I never knew how amazing pork tenderloin could be on the grill. Seriously? How did I not know this? About 80% of all the meat Jérôme eats is pork, so I’ve definitely had to find new and fun uses for tenderloin, or filet mignon as it’s known in France, over the years. In the winter I usually make it as a ragoût, cutting it into medallions and cooking it with white wine, cream, leeks and other veggies. In the spring and summer months, I tended more towards searing and finishing off in the oven, adding balsamic reductions or making plum chutneys to wake up the flavor of the pork. I even marinated one with Coca Cola recently, and it turned out to be one of my most favorite ways to cook tenderloin. But grilling it? Totally simpler, and perfect for summer. Continue reading

Barbeque season: grilled chicken and tips


Nothing says summer like a hot, smoky grill. The ritual of lighting the charcoal, waiting patiently for it to be just hot enough while sipping on a light and breezy cocktail, whipping up a quick side dish and sitting outside in your bare feet. And of course, the marinating. Everything, and I mean everything, that you will ever make on a grill will be 20 times better with a good marinade. Although I am a steak purist (no A1, no sauce, only a bit of sea salt and maybe some fresh rosemary), letting that piece of red meat absorb a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper is an essential part of it becoming flavorful and tender. Ground beef should also get fancified before being cook on the barby: I tend to mix it with soy sauce and horseradish at least, making for moist and delicious burgers.

While I prefer my red meat simple, letting the intense flavors shine through, my chicken must be bombarded with spices and herbs and citrus if I am to enjoy it. There are just so many possibilities! I think the very first grilled chicken I made when winter finally turned to spring last year, our first time ever as homeowners, a new BBQ and a green backyard, was a take on teriyaki. I remember randomly mixing up honey, soy sauce, sugar and a bit of cayenne pepper, slathering it on my chicken and placing it in the fridge, hoping for the best. What resulted was the beginning of my love affair with marinades. I was incredibly proud of the sweet and spicy, tender and moist chicken that I’d just thrown together, and vowed to never not marinate my chicken again! Continue reading

Cherry barbecue sauce and bacon cheeseburgers


I was inspired by several things in the creation of this particular recipe. It came just days after my unbelievable experience at “Un Jour Un Chef” that you can read all about here. Ludovic, the chef, taught us how to make a super tasty barbecue sauce from scratch, with the only “artificial” ingredient being tomato paste. Of course, on that day it was a bourbon BBQ sauce. I had other plans. We just happened to be right in the middle of an intense cherry season that lasted about 10 days. They went from barely ripe to black before we knew what to do with them. After freezing several bags for when my family visits next month, I decided a full-on recipe was in order. Continue reading