Roasted chicken with root vegetables and beer pan juices


This beautiful bird was served on Thanksgiving instead of the traditional turkey. I had no qualms about swapping poultry because turkeys are harder to find here in November and Jérôme isn’t a fan. And honestly, once I discovered this stellar recipe from Bon Appétit, I knew that it would be the perfect centerpiece to my overly ambitious Thanksgiving dinner. I cooked for four, and yet couldn’t bring myself to tone things down. Alongside the chicken there was celery root purée with hazelnuts, pommes Anna with fresh herbs, sausage and cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole, coconut cupcakes and deep dish pumpkin pie. Needless to say, we were swimming in leftovers for about a week afterwards even after sending our guests home with doggie bags and taking sweets to our neighbors. I’m not one to complain though… Continue reading


Silky mashed sunchokes


This is one of those recipes that couldn’t be more simple. Inspired by the amazing root vegetables that are all over the market this time of year and my recent internship at the Domaine de la Corniche where I learned that less is more, I bring you this silky, nutty, can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it purée that eats like a jazzed-up mashed potato. There’s something so intoxicating about the flavor of sunchokes and while I love to roast them in olive oil until they’re almost confit with beets and parsnips or sautée them in butter and herbs, the simplicity of this particular recipe was perfection. It’s just sunchokes, amplified by the addition of salt and pepper, milk and cream to get the fabulous, smooth texture that kinda made me want to forget mashed potatoes all together. If you can find sunchokes, or Jerusalem artichokes, in your area, I highly suggest making this minimalist dish. Continue reading

Roasted vanilla bean turkey

I’m a homebody. Maybe it comes with getting older, or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I’m finally exactly where I want to be. Not necessarily in terms of every detail in my life, but geographically speaking, all is in order. I want nothing more than to come home to my cozy little house in Normandy after a day at work, with its fireplace and blue shutters, my cat, our garden, my artwork, my newly spring green kitchen and my computer. New Year’s Eve was no different, and we decided on a quiet night in with good food, good champagne and good company.

It didn’t take me long to decide on the menu. I knew that vanilla would be involved, and settled on a roasted turkey, marinated in a mixture of vanilla bean, honey, lemon zest and spices. I also purchased and cooked my first Jerusalem artichokes for the occasion. I roasted some spicy chickpeas for cocktail hours, and we snacked on those while sipping on homemade eggnog. Before the main dish, we devoured cornflake-coated crab cakes that were perfectly spicy and tangy, accompanied by a sweet tomato ginger jam. The dessert was literally divine, an alcohol-tinged take on classic brownies with crème de menthe and white chocolate ganache.

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