Salmon tartar potato salad with dill and sriracha


This recipe was inspired by my internship at the Ô Cameleon restaurant. One of the stars of their simple menu was the salmon tartar, a genius mix of fresh, diced salmon, shallots, olive oil, diced tomatoes, tabasco sauce, salt and lots of minced dill. It came together in no time and was served on a bed of seasoned salad. I think I must’ve plated at least 30 of these beauties in the week that I interned there. On my last day, a stroke of luck made me the proud owner of a tupperware full of it since the restaurant was closed the next day. Knowing that Jé isn’t a fan of anything raw, I knew I’d have to spruce it up a bit if I had any chance of him eating it. Thus this awesome potato salad was born. Continue reading


Herb-roasted salmon with cherries and cherry tomatoes


This recipe was actually made months ago, and has been getting pushed back as I publish other dishes ever since. It’s not that it wasn’t good. It was. It’s just that I made it at the beginning of summer, when so many things were coming into season and this recipe just didn’t seem to be as urgent to get out there as things like grilled shrimp pasta salad, or cherry bbq sauce and bacon burgers, or tomatoey panzanella and gazpacho with nectarines and ice cream! And so it got pushed back. But now that fall is officially here, I think it’s the perfect time to think about it again.

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Perfect pan-seared salmon (unilateral cooking method)


The worst thing about cooking fish, in my humble opinion, is worrying about keeping it all in one piece. Of course, this can be solved rather easily by changing your cooking method: baking or steaming or even poaching can save the day here. But those methods aren’t very fun, now are they? I like a little fat in whatever I’m cooking, and insist upon the fact that good olive oil or flavorful butter can add depth to a dish and that fat-free can almost never live up to the real thing.

So, I’m going to share a little secret with you. A French secret. Called the unilateral cooking method. All it requires is that your fish still have its skin. It will change the way you cook, and it will make mouthwatering moist and put-together fish as simple as heating a pan, garnishing with oil or butter, covering and walking away, only to find the perfect end result a few minutes later when you remove the lid!

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Crustless quiche with fresh salmon, leeks and chou romanesco


I recently became the proud owner of an entire salmon. On sale at the supermarket for a mere 6€/kilo, I couldn’t pass up this deal. Luckily the lady at the fish counter was super nice and offered to cut the fish into two large filets, because I honestly had no idea what to do with the whole salmon, fins, tail, head and all. I knew that I’d have no trouble deciding what to do with the 8+ filets and change, but actually de-boning it and preparing it would be another battle.


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