Potatoes fried in duck fat


So, who knew that duck fat was the most amazing thing ever? I sort of did, I guess. Whenever we eat duck confit at home, it comes from a can. It’s amazingly good, and if I make fried potatoes as a side (which I try not to do, because it’s kind of overkill, but I still do it from time to time because they go exceptionally well together…), I always snatch up a little bit of the duck fat to cook them in. But I never thought about trying to save it for other uses, or actually render it from duck thighs instead of trimming and just throwing it away. We made duck a while back in school, and I asked the chef if I could bring the fat home. He was all for it, so I collected the trimmings from my other colleagues and cooked it down until the fat had separated from the bones and skin and other inedible bits, filtered it and brought it home. Continue reading