Sweet and spicy pork loin with red wine pomegranate reduction

Pomegranates. Who doesn’t feel a little rush of excitement each time they peel open the rough exterior to reveal those blood-red, shiny little orbs of juice, sandwiched between tough white membranes and soggy pulp? I know I do. It had been awhile since I’d experimented with this exotic fruit, and it wasn’t until finding some at my local supermarket recently that I decided to delve into the goldmine of pomegranate-based recipes online. I knew that I wanted to try chocolate chunk cookies with pomegranate arils. That, was a given. But what else would I do with them? How could I incorporate the sweet bursts of refreshing red juice into a savory dish?

The answer, it seems, was right in front of me. By incorporating them into my all-time favorite versatile dish, filet mignon de porc, or pork loin. After a quick search, I didn’t find any one recipe that suited me to the tee, nor one for which I had all of the ingredients. So, I threw in a bit of what I had, forgetting whatever I didn’t have, and made it up as I went along. Unfortunately my pomegranates were a bit odd; under and over-ripe at the same time, leaving me with mostly light pink arils and several white ones, and a few brown ones. The flavor was still there but seemed like a fraction of what it should have been. Which simply means that while this dish was very good, I’ll be excited to try it again with proper ingredients.

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