Can I just start this post with a huge thank you to my Mom for gifting me a subscription to Bon Appétit for Christmas? Frequenting their website was one thing, but having all of their recipes in print at home at the mercy of my eager little fingertips has already inspired several food adventures (ginger and spice fried chicken strips). This latest one constitutes a major accomplishment in my culinary book: finally mastering home-made pizza dough. Not to mention that despite all of my experimenting in the kitchen, this recipe, once executed, finally received the much-eluded enthusiastic, unabashed approval of the one and only Jérôme, picky eater and self-proclaimed “simple man.”

Did I mention how easy and no-fuss it is? No need to knead for hours, just let the dough do the work for you. Yes, the rising time was lengthy, so you’ll need to plan ahead. Other than waiting, just sit back, relax and get ready to impress your friends (and loved ones) with minimal effort! Continue reading