Salmon tartar potato salad with dill and sriracha


This recipe was inspired by my internship at the Ô Cameleon restaurant. One of the stars of their simple menu was the salmon tartar, a genius mix of fresh, diced salmon, shallots, olive oil, diced tomatoes, tabasco sauce, salt and lots of minced dill. It came together in no time and was served on a bed of seasoned salad. I think I must’ve plated at least 30 of these beauties in the week that I interned there. On my last day, a stroke of luck made me the proud owner of a tupperware full of it since the restaurant was closed the next day. Knowing that Jé isn’t a fan of anything raw, I knew I’d have to spruce it up a bit if I had any chance of him eating it. Thus this awesome potato salad was born. Continue reading


Roast chicken thighs in smoky paprika sauce


Getting Jé to eat any other part of a chicken but the breast is always a difficult task. A couple of weeks ago (just after my second week of school, actually) I was grocery shopping alone and saw some very cheap chicken thighs at the store. Even though I knew I’d get a less than enthusiastic response from him about my purchase, I carried on and knew exactly what I wanted to make. My Mom had emailed me a recipe for braised chicken thighs in a creamy paprika sauce a few days before and it caught my eye. That week in school, we’d learned how to do the “poulet cocotte grand-mère,” which was an exercise in making home-made stock from the natural juices and transforming into an out of this world sauce base. So, I took the general idea of the recipe and melded it with what I’d learned days before and this dish was born. Continue reading

A Valentine’s Day feast: Spicy sloppy joes on garlic bread, coleslaw and hand-cut frites


I’m not a romantic. I’m not the girl that tells her partner she loves him everyday, or everytime we’re on the phone together. I think that romance, and love, should mean something, and that hearing those words over and over again makes them less special. I certainly don’t expect my boyfriend to get me flowers on Valentine’s Day. Why this day? Why not on March 21st, just because? Romance, for me, takes form in the simple and mundane everyday gestures that we accomplish day in and day out. It’s knowing that I’m with someone that cares about me more than anything, and loves me unconditionally. I don’t need roses or chocolates or *shudder* cutesy stuffed animals to prove that to me.

Jérôme knows me pretty well. Aside from our first year together, we haven’t ever really celebrated Valentine’s Day, unless you count the time a couple of years ago that we both went in on a Nintendo Wii, calling it our V-Day gift. Plus, who wants to waste time and money going out to a crowded and sub-par restaurant on this occasion, when you could be cozied up at home, drinking cocktails made with the magic of recently imported Guadeloupean rum and home-made ginger ale? Or nestled on the couch between your loved one and your adorable cat, dreaming about your next vacation? Or in the kitchen, working together to prepare a fun and delicious meal that has nothing to do with hearts and pink roses and candy but just, us? Continue reading