Spiced lamb burgers with tzatziki and slaw


The best thing ever happened recently. I know I’ve talked on here about losing my need for all things American in the kitchen and embracing what I can find here in France, and learning to make things that I still craved from scratch. But sometimes, I still get really excited when I can easily find a little slice of home. Hence the best thing ever: Marks and Spencer Food opened right next to my work! OK, so I know that M&S is British and not American, but I still find versions of my childhood comfort foods (good pre-packaged cheesecake and other sweets) as well as other, more adult and grown up flavors like curry sauces and chutneys and OMG: ground lamb! I’ve set foot in the store two or three times so far, and seeing this lamb mince was definitely the most exciting moment by far (even more so than the discovery of cheesecake!). I snatched it up without hesitating, and grabbed a package of Indian naan bread as well, set on the idea of making lamb burgers over the weekend. Continue reading


Indian chicken korma with flatbread cheese naan

I discovered Indian food in Paris. I remember the first time I ate at an Indian restaurant being utterly lost amidst the curries and the kormas and the keema maters. I didn’t think I liked spicy, so I timidly asked the server what the tamest dish was on the menu. He kindly recommended the chicken korma, a mildly spicy dish teamed with cashews, coconut milk and heavy cream.

Of course I was immediately hooked. What was not to like? A deep golden color, tender chicken in a creamy sauce, just the right amount of spices, topped off with cardamom-infused rice and a light, chewy naan filled with tangy, melty cheese. Like the Thai before it and the Lebanese to come, Indian cuisine managed to find a way into my general rotation of must-eats.

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