Spicy soba cabbage salad


I love when meals just come together and end up delicious. The other day, I had some cabbage that had been hiding out in my fridge for over a week. I’d meant to make a nice spring-y coleslaw and just never got around to actually doing it. I really had no inspiration whatsoever beyond my slaw, until I remembered the soba noodles that I recently purchased (after looking all over Paris for them!). And guess what else? I had a box of frozen edamame in the freezer… And thus this Asian-inspired salad was born! Continue reading


Coca cola-marinated pork tenderloin with braised red cabbage


I love pork tenderloin, and Jérôme loves it even more, meaning we eat a lot of it. It never seems to get old though because it’s so versatile. Once I went for a taste of home, pounding it out into fillets and making breaded tenderloin sandwiches, often enough I make it braised in white wine with leeks and a lemon cream sauce, but my favorite recipes are always those where it’s seared and just cooked in the oven, usually with some sort of marinade, glaze or accompanying sauce. I love it with a balsamic reduction and recently also made it with a fruity chutney. This time inspiration came from Bon Appétit. Continue reading

Quick coleslaw with poppy seeds


I recently wrote about the star of my Valentine’s Day feast, these spicy sloppy joes. You may have noticed that they were paired with a crisp, crunchy and tangy coleslaw, which was heaven actually spooned onto the sandwich. Other highlights include using bits of my garlic bread to sop up the sauce on my plate, and eating this straight out of the bowl while waiting for the sandwiches to come together.

Continue reading