Brussel’s sprouts and zucchini gratin with Comté and bacon


Vegetables have probably never been so rich and satisfying. I took the year’s first Brussel’s sprouts, combined them with a nutty brown butter béchamel sauce, crumbled bacon and grated cheese and threw them in the oven. They were so good that we ate half the pan as a main dish and finished off the rest as a side the next day. The veggies keep just a tiny bit of their bitterness, which is quickly overpowered by the creamy goodness that is béchamel. You could throw whatever you have lying around in this gratin, I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong! Continue reading


Roasted brussel sprouts with almonds, walnuts and garlic

We all have preconceived notions about certain foods, most of which stem from our childhood, and can sometimes stunt our knowledge as throughout our entire lives, we cling to these stereotypes and never even taste them, automatically proclaiming not to like them without ever giving them a chance. Case in point: brussel sprouts.

I grew up with the cliché of brussel sprouts being the disgusting vegetable, the one the really mean parents forced their kids to eat in the name of a balanced diet. I didn’t even know what one was supposed to taste like, I just knew that something that bad probably had no business being on my plate. I also previously believed this of mushrooms, onions, zucchini… and the list goes on. So, it wasn’t until about a week ago, when I spied some fresh and, dare I say appetizing little sprouts at my supermarket that I decided to give them a go.

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