Culinary school, the end

It’s over! I can’t believe how fast these past few months went by. I can remember back to my first day, so excited to be in the kitchen and so eager to learn, and I realized that even though I’ve learned so much, my attitude hasn’t changed one bit. I’m still as avid as I was that very first day, still yearning to know more with a million questions brewing in my head.  I still believe that this is my path and I’m so happy to have finally found it!

Friday was officially our last day, and we had a little wrap up session with all of the students, the director of our program and a few of our teachers as well. It was nice to have some sort of closure, but it’s still a bit surreal to know that I won’t be going back on Monday. Hopefully though, I’ll be moving on to bigger and better things, and continuing to learn the ins and outs of this profession. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a job opportunity with the company I did my last two internships with, and I’ve also got a back-up plan or two in case that doesn’t pan out. I went to an apprenticeship job fair today and got a lot of very useful information and found a couple of different programs (1-2 years) that are very well-suited to my needs. I’m optimistic, and I’m very grateful to this program that has opened so many doors for me by allowing me to make so many professional contacts.

I’m not very patient, but I feel relatively serene. I’m looking forward to a few days of much-needed vacation, and then ready to get out there and do my thing. I’ve been thinking about getting a permit to go and sell baked goods in French marketplaces, and I think that’s where I’ll start. Hopefully that will keep me busy and tide me over until I have a better idea of what’s coming up next. In the meantime, I’ve got tons of recipes that need writing up so I can get them published, things like plum pinwheel cupcakes, blood orange sorbet, braised fennel, potatoes fried in duck fat… All of these delicious creations have been on the back-burner as I’ve been writing about culinary school over the last few weeks. I’m excited to share them, and ready to get back in my own kitchen and make even more!


2 thoughts on “Culinary school, the end

  1. selling at the market should be an interesting experience.good luck in pusuit of your passion!

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