Banana, ginger and peanut butter smoothie


Who doesn’t love a smoothie? Even if you’re not really that into fruit, I think just about anyone can find the right combination of fruits and nuts, spices, roots and flavors. I was hoping to find blood oranges again at the supermarket but alas; there were none. I bought bananas and pears and kiwis instead, but the only fruit that was ready to eat that day were the bananas. I’d been craving a smoothie for a few days and knew I couldn’t wait for those pears to ripen up… So I thought… What goes well with bananas? Peanut butter! And what would be my secret ingredient? A small piece of that massive hunk of fresh ginger I’d just purchased!


It was pretty fabulous. It was incredibly creamy and thick and subtly flavored. I plan on making this one again and again with slight variations (or none at all!). It only takes about 5 minutes from start to finish, and you’ll be rewarding yourself with a healthy, delicious breakfast or snack.

Banana, ginger and peanut butter smoothie

Ingredients (makes 2 smoothies):
2 fairly ripe bananas (really depends on your preferences)
1-2 t fresh, sliced ginger
2 T peanut butter
1 plain fat-free yogurt
1 vanilla-flavored fat-free yogurt
2 T honey
1 T agave syrup
1/4-1/2 C milk (depending on the smoothie consistency you like)

Place everything in your blender except the milk. Blend on high speed until the mixture is smooth, slowly adding the milk in as you progress, and stopping when you reach the perfect smoothie consistency. It’s that simple! I made two servings and ate the second one this morning for breakfast. It seemed to keep OK despite its slight brownish color.



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