A week in Guadeloupe

I had been looking forward to this trip for, well, years now, ever since one of my colleagues left the hustle and bustle of Paris for the, cool, pani pwoblem* vibes of the Caribbean. He kept insisting that I visit, making it almost impossible for me to refuse when a private sale found me on the receiving end of incredibly cheap airline vouchers with direct flights to Point-à-Pitre.



Let me just say, that this may honestly be the best vacation I’ve had to date. The scenery resembled that of the Dominican Republic, but with more variety than what we experienced in our hotel complex or on our numerous but impersonal excursions. It was mountainous on the western side and beachy and flat on the eastern side. One relatively small island boasted a volcano, some of the most beautiful sandy beaches I’ve ever seen, cliffs, forests, ample, thick vegetation, mangroves… We had it all, plus a rental car that allowed us to explore each and every corner of the island at a whim, something that was missing from previous tropical vacations.

We took our time, and took it all in. We ate out at nearly every meal, each time trying a different local specialty (for a more complete look at what I ate, you can check out my other blog, food three sixty five). We mixed it up, finding a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, swimming in a waterfall and then chilling at the zoo, scuba diving in a marine reserve and then having a quiet dinner on the beach.

I’m still too tired to properly write about everything I saw and experienced, and also too depressed. I came home from 90° temperatures to find a Normandy in the 20s and covered in snow… The temperature shock is going to be a tough one to overcome, but it was so worth it to leave France in the middle of the winter and to experience this amazing little island paradise. I highly recommend the West Indies, and Guadeloupe in particular for its size and diversity. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

*pani pwoblem: no problems, in Creole









6 thoughts on “A week in Guadeloupe

  1. Love your photos and writing. Ironic, we’ve been to Paris 3 times and I couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else. But your photos are proof that there is much to see around the world.

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