A quick and easy dinner

I’m back on the wagon. The diet wagon. It’s not always fun, especially as all my thoughts are on my future, and that future (hopefully) involves me working in the world of food. As soon as I have a free minute or find myself on my computer with nothing to do, I go straight for my favorite food blogs and sites. I have an Evernote notebook chocked full of recipes that I’m dying to try, but unfortunately most are incompatible with losing weight. So, I stock them away and save them for another day, and while I dream of coffee cake and caramel, lime squares and home-made french fries, I have to try to balance these things with protein-rich and (fairly) low fat dishes.

It’s not like I’ve been completely off the wagon lately. I’ve managed to keep off the few pounds that I lost a couple of months ago, which is a big part of this diet. Actually stabilizing the weight that is lost, and thus helping to keep it off for good. I’m working on finding a way to eat what I want most of the time, and to control the damage the rest of the time. Right now, for example, I’m anticipating Thanksgiving. It’s the one day of the year that I really just want to go crazy, making and eating several desserts and potato dishes and whatnot even though there are only two of us. I just can’t help it. Even though we’ll have two guests this year, four people don’t really justify an entire table covered in food. But hey, it’s Thanksgiving. I can’t minimize it just because my family’s not here to enjoy it with us.

So, while waiting for my Thanksgiving binge, I’ve been on a strict protein diet since Friday. Tonight we had chicken breasts that needed to be eaten. One of our favorite, super simple go-to recipes is bacon-wrapped chicken breasts, sauteed in garlic and fresh basil. The problem with this recipe is that Jé is incredibly picky when it comes to his meat. Our chicken breasts are systematically sliced, diced and dissected. Leaving them whole is nearly impossible for him, and takes all of the pleasure out of eating the finished product for fear of chewing on a piece of fat, or getting a nerve stuck in his teeth.

So, tonight we compromised. My little cat Kirby kept me company in the kitchen while I prepared the vegetables and enjoyed a little tea to warm me up. The chicken was meticulously cut into small bite sized pieces by Jé, and then sauteed on high heat with diced bacon, onions, garlic and rosemary. That’s it. No sauce or vegetables needed. This meal can stand alone (thankfully for me) and is delicious, quick and easy.

Garlic sauteed chicken breasts with bacon

Chicken breasts, diced or whole
1 package of bacon, cut into small pieces
2 small onions, diced
2 cloves of garlic, diced or pressed
Fresh or dried basil or rosemary

Heat a large skillet over high heat. Add the bacon, and let it cook until it starts to brown. Remove some of the fat, but not all of it. This will give flavor to your chicken!

Add your chicken to the mix. Let it brown a bit as well, before adding the onions and garlic. Throw on some pepper and salt slightly. Add your herbs, and let it all hang out together for about 10 minutes, or until the chicken is well cooked.


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