Spicing it up

I am officially on day 13 of my redo Dukan diet, and doing just fine, a part from a little fatigue. I think the key to this being a success is spending time in the kitchen. When I hear the word protein, I immediately think of omelettes, meat and yogurt. Yes, but not only. Eating these things day in and day out would be monotonous, but how do I adapt my daily go-to recipes to my dieting constraints?

I’ve figured that out, and while eating 1 1/2 pork chops without any side dish is still kind ofsad, at least my pork chops were kick-ass (three times in a row; my grocery store was having a sale!). I can’t really post a recipe, because I don’t really have one. I combined several that I found on epicurious and added and omitted depending on the ingredients, quantities and especially the spices. Curcuma, piment, curry, ginger, cumin… of course paired with fresh lime juice, sometimes soy sauce, a fair amount of salt and pepper, and always applied as a dry-rub.

I’m new to dry rubs. I’d always been a marinade girl. I thought that liquid was the only was to keep meet tender and juicy, but it’s not! The dry-rub gave great flavor to the chops and seemed to help seal in the juices. Once pan-seared on both sides, I added my garlic, fresh ginger, lime juice, broth, mustard, etc. with a tiny bit of water to just steam them through, all the while infusing them with amazing flavor.

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