Bad timing

Leave it to me to start this blog just a few days before plunging myself into the self-inflicted frustration that is a diet. I knew it needed to be done, but between pushing back my start-date because of visitors, or improvised vacation and convincing myself that I hadn’t gained that much weight, I managed to trick myself into thinking that now was the perfect time to start writing about all the delicious food I was making on a regular basis.

I do have my reasons, though, for starting this blog when I did, so I will do my best to keep it alive, throughout the protein-rich wrath of Dr. Dukan over the next few months. If I no longer have a job next June and suddenly need to put my food-related plan into action, it would be a very good idea to have some published material, and maybe even fans before I do it. So here’s to hoping that I can mix things up while depriving myself of all that is good: sugar, carbs and fat. Cross your fingers, and updates to come!


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